About Us

“We create places that respect the individual, the community, and the environment; places that are functional, financially responsible, yet imaginative; effective and meaningful places supporting our client’s mission and vision.  Achieving such places involves a complex array of issues and challenges that are resolved through design- the universal process of envisioning the future through understanding issues, setting realistic goals, and exploring opportunities.  Creative collaboration of informed people – architect, client, consultant, and others – builds understanding, assures sound decisions, and creates consensus essential to success.  This design approach is creative, pragmatic, deliberate and manageable.”

Mike Groth, AIA
Founder of Groth Design Group


Our Mission
The architects, designers and staff of Groth Design Group, Inc. offer value to communities by seeking effective and innovative design solutions in collaboration with other planning and construction professionals and through an active alliance with our clients, understanding and respecting their traditions, resources and visions.

Our Culture
Employee talent is the cornerstone of our success: Their expertise and capabilities win us the work, perform the work, and create value for our clients.  Therefore we must invest in the development of personal and technical skills of each employee.  Every employee contributes to the value-added performance.


Rather than focusing on the completion of a project, Groth Design Group is committed to serving your long-term needs as a client.  It is from this foundation that we design and build to compliment each of the markets we serve through the services we offer.

Master Planning
Site Analysis, Planning & Selection
Space needs assessment
Strategic Planning
Facilities Planning and Programming
Existing Building evaluations
Project Budgeting and Scheduling
Pre Purchase Evaluations

Project Management
Space Planning
ADA Studies/ADA Compliance
Building Code and Zoning Analysis
CAD-Generated Facility Management
Code/Regulatory Compliance
Community Needs Assessment
Construction Administration
Cost Estimating
Facilities Surveys
Life-Cycle Costing
Master Planning
Model Building
Planning for Site and Building
Sustainable Analysis & Design

Interior Design
ADA Studies/ADA Compliance
CAD-generated Facility Management Documentation
Cost Estimating
Custom Furniture Design
Establishing Furniture/Finish Standards
Existing Facilities Surveys
Facility Master Planning
Field Verification
Project Administration
Signage and Graphics Design
Space Planning
Tenant Improvements

Construction Administration
Contractor Selection
On Site construction Observation
Bidding / Negotiation Assistance
Shop Drawing and Procurement Review

Our Values

We believe in design integrity rather than a predetermined design style.  This means that we focus on the design process, trusting that developing an honest expression of our client’s program and character will lead to a building form of beauty, value, and craft.

Our clients are our partners and we believe we are only successful if they are successful.  This mandates that we listen and be actively engaged in understanding the needs and values of the clients we serve.

Strong communications is the foundation of our success.  It is fundamental to maintaining and nurturing respectful relationships with all members engaged in the project.

Architecture as an art is borne out of society and it can only be as just as the society out of which it is borne.  We believe a commitment to justice within society will encourage and promote architecture that is also just.  Our core value of social justice centers on four areas:

Being good stewards to the Earth we belong to is not a concept, nor a service; but rather a deep-seeded belief.

As our society increases its awareness of cultural diversity, we too celebrate ethnic, lingual, gender, experiential, physical and cultural diversity in our practice.

We strive to be equitable and fair from respectful client interactions to just hiring practices.  Points of view will differ, but finding reasonable solutions to accommodate these differences is at the core of what we do; not only as architects, but also as members of society.

Commitment to Building Consensus:
We seek to participate in and to help foster relationships grounded by mutual respect, where every participant’s point of view and gifts to the whole are welcomed, heard, understood, accepted and celebrated.

Community Outreach

Our practice provides wonderful opportunities to be involved in creating environments for worship, education, business and living.  In that experience, we are fortunate to develop personal relationships with many clients focused on service to others.  As we have gained so much in our endeavor to serve those who serve, we in turn strive to find avenues to serve beyond our work.  We do so as a corporation and as individuals with donations of funds and time to organizations.  Such service not only responds to community needs, but also enriches our lives and our experience – and encourages us to do even more as creators of built environments so crucial to the success of our clients.


“For me and for our staff at Cardinal Stritch, the combination of expertise, responsiveness and the integrity of a good relationship with consultants are keys to successful projects.  And in that regard, Joe and Mike have never let me down.”

Thomas W. VanHimbergen, Executive Vice President for Administration &
Chief Financial Officer
Cardinal Stritch University / Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Groth Design Group worked closely with our various group chairs and committees to develop a space utilization plan that met our needs within our budget.  Bringing the disparity of needs from the visual and performing arts, and the special requirement of our educational program into a construction plan was a real challenge.  GDG did an excellent job of working with these diverse groups to achieve a consensus of design and function.”

Tom Slater, President of the Board of Directors
Plymouth Arts Center / Plymouth, WI

“They (Groth Design Group) have been dependable, creative and faithful partners…  They have come to know our parish, our hopes and our dreams…  They are very capable professionals but more importantly, they are people of integrity, honesty, faith and loyalty.”

Fr. Donald Thimm
Saint Anne Catholic Parish / Pleasant Prairie, WI

“We have many visitors to our space at the Milwaukee Environmental Consortium.  Each one, on their first visit, is stunned at the look and feel of our space.  They are further impressed when they learn that most of our materials are “green”.  I highly recommend their services.”

Lynn Broaddus, Executive Director
Milwaukee Environmental Consortium / Milwaukee, WI