Evangelical & Reformed UCC Back

Project Description

UCC Evangelical and Reformed United Church of Christ, an 1891 church in the downtown area of Waukesha, was destroyed completely by fire in December 2005. In September 2008, the church moved into their new facility on the original church property. The design features a form that would echo the original, traditional shape of the worship space, though the layout of that space was designed for fan seating within the long, gabled volume. The 90 degree turn from a more traditional orientation in the space not only allows a fanned seating arrangement, but Gathering and Fellowship spaces adjacent to the Place of Worship overlook the sanctuary, providing areas for parenting and overflow seating. The church desired to maximize spaces for ministry and fellowship programs. The strongest example in the design is the Gathering and Fellowship areas of the main floor level. A large Fellowship Hall flanks a large Gathering space. Each space has a unique aesthetic, differentiated by different approaches to natural light, color and ceiling plane. Educational spaces including areas for a preschool program, a large second floor activity area and Youth Room, Hospitality Fireside Room and offices were provided in the new building.