Faith Lutheran Church Back

Project Description

Groth Design Group was selected by the Congregation of Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church to design a master phasing plan for a new church and educational facility on a large rural site. The master plan needed to include parking for the school as well as the new Worship space. Site design was important to the congregation and needed to be integrated into the rural setting. Accessibility and drop-off areas were a major concern for the site layout as well. Phasing the construction of such a large project was also a major concern. The design of Phase I includes a new chapel, gathering space, fellowship hall, and worship space with seating for 550 members. Phase II will include a two track Pre-School through 8th grade, a larger fellowship hall which will act as a cafeteria for the school, office space for school and ministry, and classrooms for adult and youth ministry programs. The entrance to the gathering area was designed as a tower element to create ease of entrance while also marking the building as a landmark in the community. The interplay of the different materials in the elevation makes for an interesting facade. The window placement in the worship and gathering spaces takes advantage of day-lighting, creating a warm and friendly environment for the hospitality and reception of church members. The Phase I design allows for uncomplicated future expansion during Phase II of the Master Plan.