General King Park Back

Project Description

Sheboygan’s General Charles King Park is located just south of downtown Sheboygan directly on Lake Michigan’s lake front. The city of Sheboygan would like to reinvigorate the lake front park and its connection to the lake, by upgrading the park itself which includes constructing a new meeting house and restroom building. Based on Sheboygan’s desire to become a more environmentally conscious city, the new meeting house and restrooms strive to be a showpiece for this movement.  By integrating local and recycled materials, capturing rainwater, and reducing energy consumption, this building has the potential to become a prominent green building in Sheboygan.

Previously, the park was not easily recognizable as a lake front/beach park. Overgrown plants prevented clear views to the lake from the street side of the park. The master plan addressed these issues and opens up new vistas to the lake and the lighthouse located north of the park.