Groth Design Group Office Remodel Back

Project Description

Groth Design Group’s office, located in the heart of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, has expanded the markets it serves and therefore, focused on adding staff to support new clients. To use this required expansion to the greatest advantage, an overall image upgrade was in order. The firm embraced its historic building, which is ever-popular in the community, and used the mill and its existing features to enhance a modern office design.   The 20th anniversary of the firm was part of the impetus for a fresh aesthetic and inspiring design.  Embracing its highly valued staff and encouraging spirited creativity and interaction, space was designed for increased team building and casual meeting spaces.

The office expansion embraced the history and beauty of the 150 year old mill, while adapting its use to meet the needs of the firm. The wood planking that is seen on many of the interior walls is reclaimed from the interior of the mill itself.  Many of the original mechanical fixtures have been left mounted in their original locations which are now inside the new office space.

As you ascend to the second level of the mill you are immediately presented with the conference room and its full glass corner.  The glass corner cleanly rabbeted into the reclaimed timbers sets the tone for the congruous merging of both new and old within this space.  In addition to respecting the historical value of this space, the layout of the renovation allowed many of the interior spaces to have significantly more natural light than they had previously.  Sun control is handled by perforated roller shades that provide a clean, modern aesthetic against the thick stone walls.

Increased efficiency was gained by the use of new workstations and strategically placed storage towers.  Low-height screening of desks with glass adds a spark and shine to the rustic building, while allowing for increased team interaction.  Lime green panel accents provide a pop of color, offsetting the white metal trim and natural maple desktops.  The carpet tile provides modern pattern striations and streaks of orange and green with warm undertones that blend with the varied wood walls.