Regal Back

Project Description

Regal, (Regal Beloit Corporation), sought to create a new office building that would express their recent corporate rebranding effort and house their International IT Headquarters. The project consists of 45,000 square feet of office space on a 6.13 acre site in the Village of Grafton, Wisconsin.

The building incorporates industrial features softened by curved walls, natural wood and glass.  Clients are greeted by a striking reception area and a high-tech product display room.  Large, open office spaces incorporate a vibrant color palette and private offices are faced with glass.  An organizing central spine connects all of the various functions of the building and leads clients to an innovation tech lab.

Regal’s new building strives for sustainability, with its energy efficient mechanical systems, abundant day light, and green materials. These efforts have allowed the project to achieve the United States Green Building Council’s LEED Certification. One of the more interesting green products used on the building is the brick, which has been manufactured using fly ash, (a postindustrial recycled material) instead of traditional clay or cement.  Because the bricks are not clay based, they also do not need to be fired, which greatly reduces CO2 emissions.