St. Paul Lutheran Church Back

Project Description

The scope of the project at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church called for designing a new 750-900 seat Worship and Gathering addition onto a 1950’s Georgian style facility. Thus, the new addition follows many of the details and materials present on the existing building. A key focus for the addition project was to provide presence and hospitality into the surrounding community. This is achieved through three design elements: a light-filled tower, an entry portico filled with doors and windows connecting the Gathering and Worship, and a glass-walled ambulatory on the south wall of the Worship space. An important feature of the new worship design was finding a suitable method of relocating the existing art-glass windows. An ambulatory on the southern side of the worship houses all ten windows depicting the chronological life and ministry of the Christ. These will be visible to the sanctuary, the main parking areas and to one of the main traflic routes through Davenport. Renovation of the former Place of Worship provides a Chapel and Chapel Gathering.