TCF Bank Corporate Office Back

Project Description

TCF Bank sought to create a new corporate office for their Commercial Banking Division, expressing their new corporate brand.   Completed in 2015, the 13,000 SF facility features inspiring panoramic views of the city from the top floor of the Pabst Professional Center in Milwaukee’s Brewery Development; views that serve to reinforce forward-thinking perspectives of company leadership.

Deep warm cherry wood builds on the traditions and history of TCF, while bold modern aesthetics of the office express the strong future and adaptive nature of the company culture. Soaring glass and dynamic volume create an impressive board room demanding attention from many vantage points throughout the office.

Manager, Underwriter and Lender offices are strategically located to preserve natural light and views for private and open offices. Low open workstations allow for staff interaction, true openness and transparency throughout the office.

Concrete, porcelain-styled tile, deep textural carpet, layering of wood and glass, sleek soffits and accent lighting are all integrated in bold forms and colors expressing the newly branded TCF logo. The rich palette of charcoal, terra cotta, slate blue and deep golden tones contribute to the creation of a truly inviting experience for staff and visitors alike.